Respond, Revive, and Restore from the Kingdom of Heaven to communities in crisis

Upcoming Events


Touch Point

September 17th, 2018

We would love for you to join us at our next Touch Point gathering in the Bethel Hospitality Suite.


CORE 1 & CORE 2 Modules

October 18-20, 2018

Our next CORE 1 & CORE 2 training will be held at the Twin View Campus.


CORE 3 Module

April 27-28, 2018

Our next CORE 3 training will take place on April 27-28, 2018 at the Twin View Campus.

CORE 3 is a practical training that builds on the foundations of Bethel Global Response. This course will include hands on experience through field simulations and will expose you to expert content through trained professionals.

Responding to disaster

Many people have great skills and the heart to serve, but do not know how to get involved in helping when there is a crisis in their own community or around the world. If this describes you, Bethel Global Response is a place to plug in, get equipped and serve people in-need.

Bethel Global Response is building a close-knit team of volunteers who are trained to respond to domestic and international disasters by providing a spirit-led combination of physical aid and supernatural breakthrough to people in need. Whether your background is in administration, engineering, medicine, counseling, construction or many other vocations, your skills and heart of love are needed in ministering to people in crisis. We want to see lives restored as those affected by disasters move from surviving into thriving -- body, soul and spirit. Our aim is to partner with the Presence of God for Kingdom restoration.

What we do

Relief Supplies

When a disaster strikes, Bethel Global Response teams mobilize supplies necessary to meet the critical needs for that particular disaster. The content of these kits is adjusted based on the type of disaster. These relief supplies can include medicines, water filters, clean-up supplies, food, hygiene kits, and other relief items that help to meet immediate needs of a community. Whenever possible, we will try to buy locally. Your support can help us provide relief supplies when they are most needed.

Disaster Response Teams

Our goal is to have trained response teams ready for world-wide deployment at all times. Currently we are hosting training events for CORE 1-3 at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. In the future we will offer training courses online and in various cities around the world.

Core Training

Our team has developed a unique tiered certification training program. Attendees who complete the program will qualify to potentially deploy with Bethel Global Response to disaster locations. In order to deploy with Bethel Global Response, it is mandatory to attend our foundational CORE 1 and CORE 2 trainings.

Disaster Response Training

When a disaster hits, it can be a hard time for individuals and communities. We want to be there to help during this time. Our mandate is to be effective when we respond to disasters – from fires to earthquakes to floods - by providing life saving physical assistance hand-in-hand with supernatural breakthrough. In order to do this, it is important that we train and prepare before a disaster occurs.

Bethel Global Response has developed an unique tiered training program that marries the natural and supernatural and transcends the lines of the sacred and secular. Attendees who complete the program will qualify to potentially deploy with Bethel Global Response to disaster locations. In order to deploy with Bethel Global Response, it is mandatory to attend our foundational CORE 1 and CORE 2 trainings.

  • Core 1

    Training focuses on carrying the Heart of God, being Naturally Supernatural, and introducing a presence-based approach to disaster response. It is this presence-based approach that will set us apart from other organizations.

  • Core 2

    Training focuses on basic knowledge and understanding of different hazards and mitigation techniques. You will be exposed to the various deployment types you could possibly deploy to, and you will be trained to a level of competency in situational awareness.

  • Core 3

    Training focuses on the application of CORE 1 and CORE 2. Through simulations, you will be exposed to a variety of possible scenarios, with a special focus on both fire and flood responses.

  • Core 4

    We are presently working to develop our fourth core level training. This training will focus on integrating responder’s professional training with that of signs and wonders for a “naturally supernatural” approach in responding in the medical, public health, water, and sanitation sectors.

  • Core 5

    Our goal is not merely a great program, but a movement. In order to achieve this Global Response must replicate itself. Core 5 focuses on developing strategies to equip churches and organizations around the globe, with the skills they need to assist in disaster prevention and disaster mitigation.

Help provide relief

There are many ways to help people going through disasters. Regardless of your age, skills or background, you can be a disaster responder. There are some of us trained to physically be in the midst of the disaster and provide physical assistance; however, all of us can release Heavenly solutions through prayer.

There are several great ways for you to get involved in supporting Bethel Global Response.

  • Pray
  • Volunteer with us or another organization
  • Give